Benefits of Installing Underground Cabling for Your Business

When you need to install new powerlines or cables, you can either install them overhead or underground. It all depends on what will work best with your business. If you have the option, there are benefits to installing your cabling underground. The following are just a few examples of why you should consider installing underground cabling!

Installing Underground Cables

A Low-Risk Option

If your cabling is kept underground, then there is minimal risk for dangers such as electrical hazards, damage due to traffic collisions, entanglement hazards, and fires. If powerlines get damaged, it can pose a risk to the people around them. Underground cables are protected and out of reach when they are installed underground. Plus, the wires have an extra layer of protection because they are insulated and electrically shielded.

Less of a Visual Impact

When you install overhead cabling, you are risking the potential of permanently diminishing the look of your property. To install overhead cabling, you often need large wooden posts to hold up the wires. These can often look bulky and take up a large portion of your yard. Whereas, if you choose to install underground cabling, your lines will remain completely out of sight.

Less Exposure to Weather-Related Disruptions

Overhead cables are very susceptible to weather-related damage. This includes an animal nibbling at the wires, a tree falling over, or heavy snowfall. If your wires are underground, then you don’t have to worry about these conditions. Keeping your cables underground can help prevent any connection errors, power outages, or other disruptions during inclement weather conditions.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Although installing underground cabling is often more expensive than installing overhead cabling, it can still save you money over time. Since underground cabling has little to no exposure to outside factors, they usually cost less to maintain. Accidents due to weather, motor vehicles, or others are less likely to affecrt powerlines that are buried underground. Therefore, you are less likely going to need to repair them.

However, it’s important to note that although repairs are less likely to occur, they still can be costly to fix if damage were to happen.

If you’re looking to install underground cabling, the knowledgeable technicians at Pro-Link Communications can assess your business and decide if underground cabling can benefit you! Contact us today for any questions about our underground cabling services!