Fiber Optic Networks & Data Cabling

Fiber optics provide the fastest networks available today. Capable of transferring up to 10 or even 100 gigabits per second, there are virtually no data constraints fiber optic networks cannot meet. Prolink Communications Inc provides fiber optic network installation and data cabling services in Brentwood, Tennessee, for a wide variety of businesses. If you find that networks within your company are not giving you the agility that you need, ask us about fiber optic installation and connectivity. If fiber network connectivity is an option for you, you may find your devices will run five, ten or even one hundred times faster than what you are used to.

What is a Fiber Optic Network?

Fiber optic networks are connected through cables made of thin strands of glass or plastic and protected by a plastic covering. Because of this material’s ability to transfer more data, faster, with virtually no interference or loss, fiber optic cables have become the preferred method of transferring data, though the infrastructure has yet to be installed in many areas around the world. Core fiber lines that connect different cities and states throughout the U.S. generally run alongside highways, however, these can also be used to connect hardware within your company. If you have a fiber connection, also called a gigabit connection, anything less than fiber networks connecting your devices will cause lag. We will install fiber optic networks and provide other cabling services in Brentwood, Tennessee, to optimize speed within your company and make your system perform at its highest level.

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