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How Fiber Optic Cables Are Repaired

A spool of fiber optic cable

There are many benefits that come with fiber optics, and sometimes things happen that can cause your fiber optics to need to be repaired. Whether it is that the cables get pulled too tightly or they just become damaged, fiber optics are fragile. Though the fragility of fiber optics is an important factor, it should… Read more »

The Importance of Fiber Optics in Schools

While many schools still have traditional internet, many switch to fiber optic internet. The technical difference between fiber optic internet and classic copper wire is that fiber optic connection is carried by a cable filled with thin plastic or glass fibers. This design allows information to travel faster, as there is no metal that would… Read more »

Can Bad Weather Affect Your Internet Connection?

Is there anything worse than relaxing in your house on a rainy day, only to have your internet or favorite streaming service unexpectedly crash? Most of us have been there before and are left to wonder if it is the weather that is causing these issues or a faulty connection. Many times, if the rain… Read more »