Decatur, AL Information Technology & Communications Services

ProLink Communications helps businesses in Decatur, AL operate at optimal speed and efficiency with complete wireless network data cabling, fiber optic installation, server closet installation and more. Fast, secure, efficient data transmission is one of the most essential advantages a modern business can have, regardless of the industry you work in. Our experienced team can help you start your system, expand it to add more functionality or staff, and make your system faster. We use the most advanced IT supplies and the latest methods to make sure your IT and communications system is as fast and efficient as possible.

Data Network, Voice, Audio and Video Cabling in Decatur, AL

Whether you are communicating with customers, employees working on the road or at home, or partners working around the world, an effective and modern communicaiton system is vital. Our experts install advanced wireless network data cabling to ensure all of your devices communicate seamlessly, and fiber optic installation to give you the highest level of data transmission. We also install and connect server closets to make sure your data storage, website, customer information and transmissions are secure. We work with businesses of all sizes and in all industries across Alabama, giving you a system that serves your current needs affordably and scales with future growth and development.

Fiber Optics, Backbone Systems, Structured Wiring and Cabling Service in Decatur, AL

The speed and efficiency of your system will always be limited by its weakest component. With professional wireless network data cabling, fiber optics installation and server closets designed around the specific needs of your company, your IT system will not be limited by bottlenecks. Our team will install, update or expand any part of your system to fully connect your servers, computers, VoIP system, video conferencing devices, CCTV and more.