How an Access Control System Can Improve Building Security

Anticipating and mitigating risks is one of the reasons your building or business needs a security system. An access control system, which allows you to control which parts of your building are accessed by specific people, can enhance your ability to keep your property and those inside it safe.

Access control system functions

A customized system designed for your space and needs will allow you to manage four critical elements related to security.

Employee Entering a Code on an Access Control System

The first is you can control who enters your building, while the second refers to where those who enter are allowed to go once inside. Thirdly, a control access system enables you to determine when people can enter protected or specified areas, as well.

Finally, you can control how each person gains access to any of your protected areas.

There are many options available for each of these elements, and a qualified and professional security team will help you understand which options are best for your needs and requirements as well as what fits into your security budget.

Advantages of an access control system

The right building access control system will not only keep your assets safe but also your employees secure.

Asset protection

Door entry systems give you the power to keep unauthorized personnel away from designated spaces, which can help you manage loss, prevent accidents, and ensure confidentiality.

Employee safety

Feeling safe at work is a top concern among today’s employees, so adding an access control system to your business can also enhance productivity and morale.

When your staff knows you care about their safety and security, they are more likely to remain on the job and be more productive while at work.


Access control systems are practical solutions for preventing a sizable percentage of cyber-attacks since nearly 60 percent of these are carried out by business insiders. Limiting who has access to specific systems, as well as monitoring who accesses critical areas, can help protect your data from would-be attackers.

A money saver!

Securing your building with an access control system can also save you money. You won’t need to replace missing keys or re-key locks anymore. And, when you control who is using various parts of the building, you can reduce energy usage in areas with less access. Integrating your access control system with your HVAC and lighting controls means you only use energy in the regions that are being used, which can lower your utilities significantly.

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