Wireless LAN & Fiber Optics Installation

A Local Area Network (LAN) gives you the technology that you need to stay connected and also seeks your connection secure. ProLink Communication Inc specializes in wireless LAN installation and fiber optic communication in Huntsville, Alabama, for all of your devices. We work with businesses of all types and sizes, whether you are looking to connect a few computers or POS systems, or you have hundreds of computers, smartphones, tablets, servers and more to connect, or something in between. We work with manufacturers, storefronts, restaurants, financial advisors, hotels, software developers and much more in Alabama and Tennessee.

Why you need a network that fits your company

To keep costs down while giving you the speeds and capabilities you need, it is important to create a network that fits your company. If your network doesn’t give you the speed and data you need, you’ll find it to be slow, inefficient, and unable to support valuable applications. If your network gives you more data than you need, you will be paying for technology you’re not using. We can help you design a wireless LAN network with fiber optic cables that suits your business in Huntsville, Alabama, perfectly, with the capabilities you need right now and room to grow, without paying for extras you won’t use. If you are looking for more security, we connect your servers in protected areas or connect high-quality security cameras throughout your business. We also connect your servers for optimal data retention and storage, organize your network to make expansion and maintenance easier, and provide blanket wireless coverage so everyone in your business can use all of their devices anywhere.

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