Network Cabling Services

Video capabilities wired to your network give you a number of useful applications you can use to advance security and communications within your business. Prolink Communications Inc installs and connects video networks and fiber optic cables in Memphis, Tennessee, to make your video system fast and reliable. We help you install video options nearly anywhere around your business, whether you want to monitor your storefront or cash register, you want to place security cameras throughout your office building or you want to network entertainment options throughout your business.

Why you need to contact Prolink Communications in Memphis

Security cameras, inside or out, make your business more secure and provide better protection for your employees. While also monitoring activities inside your office, store, restaurant or another business, cameras can also prevent unauthorized persons from entering restricted areas, prevent theft, property damage, harassment and other activities that could be damaging to your business. Fiber optics, which offer the best data transference capabilities, keep security cameras working properly and support detailed, high-quality video feed. Video network connections through fiber optic cables in Memphis, Tennessee, can also support communications within your business, delivering messages through televisions placed throughout your office or connecting televisions for entertainment within a restaurant, bar or another business. We construct a network that works with your budget and meets or exceeds the needs of your video network.

Tell us about your business and what you are looking for with your video network. We will work with you to design and install fiber optic cables and video networks in Memphis, Tennessee, for your business.