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Why Are Server Closets Needed?

Man observing the tech in a server closet

Technology is a vital part of our daily life. Not only do most (if not most) of us use it in our personal time, but it also is integral to business. At ProLink, we believe every business should have access to every amenity to ensure everything runs smoothly and safely. With that comes the matter… Read more »

What Are the Most Common Networking Problems in The Office?

Networking Problems

If you’re having troubles with your computer network, it can be frustrating. Computer networks are very complex systems that are used every day by multiple users. If your network fails or experiences any issues, it can significantly impact your organization’s productivity. Here are some of the most common networking problems your office may experience: Outdated… Read more »

5 Telling Signs it’s Time for a Network Cabling Upgrade

Does your business need a network cabling upgrade? You may not realize it until it’s too late, so stay on the lookout for these telling signs! Does your connection move at a snail’s pace, or cut out suddenly? Time spent staring at websites waiting for them to load is time wasted. Not only are you… Read more »