The Advantages of Network Patch Panels

The most important thing when it comes to your digital communications is that your server and devices are connected. The key to this is the network patch panel—mounted hardware that is essentially a hub of connections for various incoming and outgoing fiber optic cables. As such, patch panels are effectively indispensable when it comes to your network connections, and they bring several advantages with them:

FlexibilityThe Advantages of Network Patch Panels

Over time, your needs will change. Thankfully, network patch panels can change with those needs without any costly labor. That’s because patch panels allow you to create direct links at any time, a feature that is extremely beneficial to growing businesses who need to account for more devices.

Organized wiring and cable numbering

Your wiring and cabling can get disorganized and hectic with the more devices and servers you add on. A patch panel, though, can bring method to the madness by identifying specific ports and organizing your wiring. This will also come in handy if you need to disconnect a single cable for repairs.


By providing easy maintenance and avoiding costly installations, patch panels are saving you money both now and into the future. And, due to their flexibility, you only need to buy the devices you need, as a patch panel will have room for future expansions, but only when/if the need arises.

Improved internet access

Wired connections perform better than wireless ones, and since patch panels allow for wired connections, naturally they’ll provide you with better internet access. Patch panels also allow for one device to have access to multiple LANs, leveraging the stronger ones when necessary, and they increase the number of available network bandwidths.

Needless to say, network patch panels are essential for your digital communications. That’s why we at Pro Link Communications use fiber optic patch panels to ensure you have the most efficient fiber network available. Contact us today to learn more!