Tips for Puling Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber Optic Cable Connection

With the many benefits of installing Fiber Optic, it’s hard to find a downfall. However, there is one thing to be careful of: their fragility. While fiber optics are more flexible, which is a positive thing, it also means that they are susceptible to breakage and damage. Don’t worry! There are still many benefits, and after reading our tips, you’ll be ready to make the switch!

Double Check That Your Cable Is Long Enough

Have you ever heard the adage “measure twice, cut once”? The same goes for fiber optics. Fiber optics are delicate- you do not want to be trying to stretch them to fit as it will damage, or in some cases ruin, the fiber optic cables!

Use the Proper Force

It’s better to take the time to pull properly than deal with the repercussions: broken wires. To ensure that you do not damage your fiber optics before installing, ensure that you have the correct tension monitoring equipment and the correct estimate for pulling force.

Be Careful with Bending

Fiber optic cables are sensitive, and what may seem like a simple, inconsequential bend could destroy your cables. There is proper protocol to follow with bending. To find the proper bend radius, follow the general formula: the cable shouldn’t be bent smaller than 20 times the diameter of the cable.

You may notice a theme in these tips: fiber optic cables are delicate. Though they are delicate, they are still the strongest and fastest internet option available. Let the professionals at ProLink Communications assist with your switch to fiber optic internet. We have been helping Nashville, Tennessee, and the surrounding areas for the last 15 years, with many great reviews to show for it. To begin making your switch, give us a call at 615-236-0051!