What Are Fiber Optic Cables?

You’ve probably come across the term before, but what exactly do people mean when they rave and rant about fiber optic cables? And why should you bother installing them? Here we lay out the facts about fiber optics, and how they can help you in the digital age.

What they are and how they workWhat Are Fiber Optic Cables?

Fiber optic cables are a type of network cable. They’re made up of glass fibers, no bigger than a strand of hair, and are kept inside an insulated casing called a cladding. Arranged in bundles called optical cables, fiber optic cables transmit light signals over long distances. Those light signals are transmitted by a core that creates a path for the light to travel. The cladding then reflects the light inward in order to allow the light to pass through bends in the cable and to avoid signal loss.

The types of fiber optics

There’s more than one type of fiber optic cabling. In fact, there are two main types: single-mode and multi-mode.

Single-mode fibers

Single-mode fibers (SMF) have very small, narrow cores that allows for only one mode of light to be transmitted. SMF uses a laser to generate light instead of LEDs, and because only one mode of light is passing through, it can travel a farther distance.

Multi-mode fibers

Multi-mode fibers (MMF), on the other hand, have multiple, wider cores that allow for multiple modes of light to be transmitted. It uses LEDs instead of lasers, and because multiple modes of light are being transmitted, MMF is better suited for shorter distances.

The advantages of fiber optic cables

There are several advantages that fiber optic cables have compared to their copper counterparts:

  • – Support a higher carrying capacity
  • – Less susceptible to interference
  • – Nearly unlimited information
  • – Low transmission losses
  • – Less need for signal boosters
  • – Immune to electromagnetic interference

Now you know the basics of fiber optic cables. And if you feel that your home or business could benefit from them, then consider contacting Pro Link Communications. Our fiber optic backbone system installation is available for anyone in the Franklin, TN and Nashville, TN areas. Contact us today with any questions.