What Are The Differences Between a Wired and Wireless Local Area Network?

Wireless Network Systems

Nowadays, more office environments are making the switch to wireless and cordless technology. Although both LAN and WLAN networks share common characteristics, there are quite a few differences that can significantly impact the way your business operates. 

Here are some things you should consider as you decide whether a wired or wireless LAN is a better option for your office: 

Wired LANs

In the past, it was common for everyone’s workstations, printers, and other devices to be strung together using Ethernet cables. With more technology going wireless these days, it’s now normal for businesses to switch over to wireless LAN options. However, although wireless can be more convenient, it’s not always for everyone. 

Here are some reasons why businesses continue to hardwire their devices: 


Wired LANs offer more security than wireless LANs because your network security ends at each device and is confined within the walls of your building. When you make the switch to wireless, you are expanding your system beyond your building. 


Ethernet has proven itself to work faster than WI-FI. However, over the years, WI-FI has gotten significantly faster and can be faster than relying on ethernet. Overall your internet connection is typically the real limiting factor for your speed. 

Wireless LANs

A Wireless LAN is a collection of computers or other network devices connected wirelessly by communication or network elements. Although many businesses still prefer wired LAN, wireless LANs have increased in popularity over the years. 

Here are some of the reasons why a business might make the switch to a Wireless LAN: 


Having a wireless system allows your workers to move freely around the office while keeping all of their important documents and files with them at all times. Wireless systems help your team work collaboratively during the workday and outside of the office. 


Having too many cords laying around your office can make your workspace look unorganized and cluttered. By making the switch to a wireless LAN, you eliminate the risks that come with having too many wires in your office space, and your area will naturally look more clean and organized. 

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