What is a Patch Panel and Why Does Your Company Need it?

Patch panels are a great way to keep your server room organized. Adding a patch panel to your office can help prepare your company’s growth by making it much easier to add new devices in the future. Also, a patch panel makes for easier transitions in case you need to move or change your office around in the future. 

Regardless of the size of your company, it’s always a great idea to have a patch panel installed. But first, let’s take a closer look of what patch panels are and how they are used within a company. 

Patch Panels for Offices

What Is a Patch Panel? 

In an office, you will usually find a patch panel located inside of a server rack. A patch panel has an array of ports located on the front that all lead to a server, switch, or another device. It’s used to help manage the incoming and outgoing fiber and copper cables. A patch panel eliminates unwanted cables by using patch cords to route signals to the desired location. Patch panels are easy to use, manageable to transition, and they create flexible connections. 

Patch Panels Promote Organization 

In your office, the last thing you want is an unorganized server closet. Having a closet filled with tangled cables is not only a safety concern, but it could potentially ruin your company’s expensive technology. Your patch panel system will be able to accommodate your cables so that they are connected to one central location. This will help keep your server closet clean and organized. 

Troubleshooting Technical Problems 

When you have an organized patch panel, you’ll be able to troubleshoot technical problems more easily. While organizing your cables, you can label each panel which will make things much easier when you’re replacing cables. 

Expanded Connectivity in Patch Panels

Patch panels are great for offices because you can easily connect multiple equipment. Other servers or devices will usually have only a limited number of ports available, but a patch panel can easily connect multiple devices to any outlet. 

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