Why Choose Point-to-Point Over Standard Wi-Fi?

When you’re searching for a reliable internet connection for your business, school, construction site or any other space that needs extended Wi-Fi, point-to-point (P2P) is an ideal option.

Point to Point Wireless in a City

P2P offers reliable internet for larger facilities or operations that may have multiple buildings.

Like traditional Wi-Fi, P2P provides a wireless connection for your business but it differs in that it will be set up outside of your buildings at two points with Wi-Fi being provided between those two points (antennas).

Whether you’re interested in an increased coverage area, you need reliable internet across multiple buildings or you require reliable internet for any other reason, a P2P wireless network is the perfect solution.

It increases your coverage area

For those who run larger businesses and need reliable wireless internet that will not drop out at a moment’s notice, P2P is a great option.

P2P creates an “invisible bridge” between the points you need Wi-Fi for, has the ability to extend your network as needed and will increase your coverage area with relative ease.

Two points will be carefully chosen to go on the outside of your desired coverage area and will be able to provide your site with a seamless wireless connection no matter how big it may be.

It’s perfect for businesses with multiple buildings

P2P is ideal for businesses that have multiple buildings on their property, as antennas can be placed on opposite sides of your property with the internet running between each point.

This is great if you need to connect systems across buildings, such as a security camera, television systems and more.

These systems also work great in areas that have flat open spaces like construction sites, farms and more that need reliable internet in several different places of their property.

There’s no interruptions or slow downs

Should the wireless internet be unreliable and is not providing you with the speed you require to get things done, P2P is the preferred choice.

This type of wireless internet will provide you with the fast and reliable internet you require with no interruptions.

As mentioned above, the less restrictions that are in its way the faster P2P will operate, so it can be beneficial to set it up where trees and other hinderances are not in its way.

When you are interested in adding a P2P system to your business, we ask that you call on our team at Pro Link Communications.

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