Why You Should be Labeling Your Networking Cables

Proper labeling is important in any company. To keep networks running smoothly, you need to be able to keep track of their wires and where they connect. Properly labeling your network cables can be critical for a successful, long-running network in the future.

There are many ways that labeling can be used throughout your workspace to improve organization and keep systems running safely and efficiently. Let’s take a look at some of the long term effects!

Network Cable Organization

Better Tracing and Troubleshooting

Knowing where each cable needs to run just by reading a simple label will save you from unnecessary time searching to find where it’s connected. Plus, depending on the networking you have installed in your business, labels can help you trace back to specific floors, rooms, and terminations. Labeling can help you get to the root of any networking problem faster, leading to quicker repairs!

Labeling Can Help Prevent Accidental Outages 

Most power outages in a company are caused by human error. Labeling your networking cables will reduce the need for employees to mistakenly unplug crucial wires while working, or trying to solve the initial problem.

Labeled Cables Lead to Faster Staff Onboarding 

Having cables labeled can come in handy for years once installed. If you hire a new employee, it can take some time to learn about your networking and data center. However, with proper labeling, future employees will be more likely to pick up where others left off more quickly and with less confusion.

Disorganized Spaces Can be Dangerous 

Labeling your long cords and cables can help you organize your area and save you from potential accidents. You never want to let your cabling get out of control because it can lead to dangerous working conditions. By labeling your cables, you eliminate errors and create a safer, more efficient working environment for your business.

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