4 Tips for Improving Your Network Performance in the New Year

Solving Network Cabling Issues

Having a reliable network is key to operating a successful business. If your network has been lacking lately, it may be time to take some steps into upgrading or finding alternative solutions so that you can enter the new business year at peak performance.

Here are a few steps that you can take to help to help improve your network performance:

Provide an Alternative Network for Your Guests

Sometimes networks are slower because of guests using your systems. If your company hosts many guests who need internet access, it is wise to offer them a login to a guest network. That way, unexpected guests won’t disturb the efficiency of your employees!

Educate Personnel About User Behavior

The beginning of the new year is a great time to remind your office about user behavior. Often, network slowdowns are caused by poor sharing practices, such as emailing large attachments to multiple contacts. Teaching employees how to compress files or use other resources can help reduce the strains they put on your network system.

Organize Your Cabling Systems

Over time, your structured cabling networks can become disorderly and lead to networking problems within your office. Remember to set aside time to create a structured network cabling system in your office so that you can increase office productivity.

Check for Viruses or Other System Defects

Viruses are another common office issue that will slow down your networking system. If you suspect that your system has been affected by a virus, you should have an IT specialist take a look at your system right away.

Network slowdowns may also be the result of other network components getting older or becoming defective. Plus, if your equipment and software aren’t updated or patched regularly, you can become more susceptible to attackers.

Take the Next Step to Improve Your Network Performance

If you’re having trouble with your network performance, contact PROLINK Communications Inc. Our highly trained professionals will provide quality communication services and networking cabling to your business in Nashville, TN, or the surrounding areas!