Fiber Optics & Backbone

Every email, download, picture, scan, spreadsheet or text file sent or received online is dependent on a powerful broadband connection to a central fiber line. Without a connection to a fiber line, even state-of-the-art connections within your business will be useless. ProLink Communications provides fiber optic backbone system installation and maintenance in Franklin, TN and Nashville, TN to eliminate bottlenecks within your business. We are the premier fiber optic network installer in Nashville and Franklin, providing the most advanced optical fiber communication installation possible, within a budget and on a schedule that works for you.

Fiber optic backbone system installation and maintenance require a strong, reliable link to the main line, usually running alongside highways. Fiber optic branches extend away from this main line across the city. Your fiber optic network installer can put in a fiber optic link directly to your business from these main lines or from a secondary branch. Optical fiber communications installation is the highest form of data transmission presently available, transmitting up to 100 GB of information per second. While this is a faster speed than most businesses require, this gives you room to grow in the future. Applications are continuously advancing, requiring better infrastructure. With fiber optic infrastructure already in place, you will have a strategic advantage in your field.

Franklin and Nashville, TN have access to some of the fastest Internet speeds in the world, but you cannot take part without reliable fiber optic backbone system installation and maintenance. Call us today to learn more about optical fiber communication installation and schedule a fiber optic network installer in Nashville or Franklin.