Why ProLink?

Our Goal
To perform beyond expectations

No “Middle Man”

On occasion when PROLINK has not been awarded a “contract” , we have been employed by the “chosen contractor” as the sub-contractor to complete the work. Consequently, the client receives PROLINK‘s quality service, but at a substantial increase in cost. Let PROLINK be your first choice.

Lead Time

By choosing PROLINK, you can almost always name your time-frame.

Cost Effective Solutions

PROLINK offers cost-effective solutions that enhance business productivity and efficiency. In addition to completing your projects on or ahead of schedule and within budget, PROLINK can provide detailed quotes so you can easily compare line items with other quotes.

PROLINK has unmatched customer support 24/7

Utilizing the Latest Technologies in Data and Voice Systems

An up to date telephone system and proper network cabling can positively contribute to your company’s success. Outdated phone systems and networking often contribute to the loss of valuable time and can make project management a difficult task. When is the last time you updated your phone system or looked at improving your network’s performance? Whether it is due to lack of knowledge or the funds necessary to have an in-house IT department, PROLINK Communications, Inc. is here to help. For more than 15 years, PROLINK Communications has been serving Kentucky and Tennessee businesses with our cabling services which commonly include telephone system cabling, network cabling, voice data cabling and more.
Voice and Data Cabling

PROLINK Communications, Inc. strives to be the number one IT and communications outsourcing company in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama. Our knowledge, experience and cutting edge tools allow us to do this. When you are considering outsourcing your telephone cabling, network cabling, and/or voice data cabling needs, look no further than PROLINK Communications.
Network Cabling Services

Thank you for visiting PROLINK Communications, Inc. website and if you are looking to outsource your information technology needs look no further than PROLink Communications, Inc. Give us a call today at 615-236-0051 or send us an email at info@prolinkcomm.com for a consultation today!

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