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PROLINK Communications, Inc provides quality products and service with every solution we bring to your business communications needs.

Our services include:



Have you outgrown your network? PROLINK will design and install networks incorporated into your new or existing data system.

Have a remote building or warehouse and don’t want the expense of trenching? PROLINK can design and install the exact Wireless LAN or Point-to-Point solution for your specific needs that is scalable, mobile and secure.

Contact PROLINK for your individual network solution. We offer a no-cost needs analysis & initial consultation.

Server Closets

An unmanageable server room costs more to repair and maintain. Tangled and unorganized cabling will often cause equipment failure, taking valuable time to trace during repairs, costing you unnecessary downtime and money.

• Fiber optics & Backbone

Whether your backbone system is providing the interconnections between your communications closets or is extending between buildings, PROLINK will design and install a system that will provide support and protection while ensuring access for your cabling infrastructure. Let Prolink be your fiber optic installers in Nashville, Tennessee, and surrounding cities.

• Aerial/Overhead Cabling
• Burial / Underground Cabling, Trenching & Boring
• Fiber & Copper Splicing
• Core Drills & Conduit

All outdoor cabling is properly grounded so that lightning strikes/surges will not harm internal equipment.

Fiber-Single Mode

Just complying with today’s standards may mean an obsolete infrastructure in as few as two years. Our goal is a well thought out design using our expertise and experience in the field to not only support your needs but allow for the ability to adapt to meet new demands. Let us prove that we are your cabling company in Nashville!

The characteristics of fiber make it ideal for a variety of network segments.

Fiber Can Ensure:

  • • your network is prepared for increasing bandwidth demands
    • lower maintenance costs with higher network productivity making it a cost efficient choice
    • improved security
    • unmatched quality of service
    Structured Cabling and Wiring
    • Product & Installation

Structured wire is the least expensive yet one of the most important components of your communication system. However, a poorly designed system can be very costly when you encounter growth and expansion. Wiring, when improperly installed, can cause major disruption…costing you long term TIME and MONEY. PROLINK’s design will consider your future efficiency and growth, allowing for expansion with minimal disruption.

If designed and installed properly, structured wiring and cabling will outlive all other networking components providing exceptional returns on your investment.

cat5Every cable we install is a “home run” from your IT closet to one station so that equipment is not dependent on each other or daisy-chained.

Moves, adds, and changes (MAC’s) are a part of normal business activity. PLC can ensure your moves, adds, and changes are effortless with our cable and wire management design and installation. Our design will accommodate system updates, upgrades and new technologies effortlessly.
• structured wiring & cabling •

• CAT 5E
• CAT 6
• 10 GIG
• Wire Management
• Patch Panel Termination

• CAT 3
• CAT 5
• CAT 6
• Telecommunications Wiring
• Block Termination
• VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

• Video Network Cabling
• Surround Sound Wiring
• Paging Systems
• Access Control Systems
• Aerial & Underground (Trenching / Boring)
• Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems Designed To Fit Your Needs.