Point to Point Wireless Network Solutions

If you find your wireless network is not reliable, you aren’t getting the signal you need, or your network does not have the speed you need, there are ways to solve these problems. You can also extend the network you have and increase your coverage area with relative ease. ProLink Communications Inc can solve these problems with the point to point wireless network solutions and services in Nashville, Tennessee. By installing a few new devices in carefully planned areas, you can grow your network and make your existing network faster.

Point to point networks generally works through areas that have a line of sight of the destination area, whether that is a second building you want to connect to or a signal tower connected to a fiber line. Hardware using point to point signals usually work best when they are placed on tall buildings, towers, even water towers or other vertical assets that aren’t blocked by houses, trees and other objects. If you want to connect a new building to your existing network, point to point networks makes this possible. Point to point networks can also be used to provide are wider access area, such as to security cameras in another building or to a wireless router at an outbuilding. Because they are wide, flat areas, farms, and some construction sites can also benefit from point to point networks. We can provide point to point wireless solutions and services anywhere in Nashville, Tennessee, and the surrounding areas.

To have a point to point network installed at your business, farm, construction site, school or your home in or around Nashville, Tennessee, contact us today.