Wireless LAN Design & Installation

Wireless Local Area Networks or Wireless LAN keeps devices within a fixed area connected and gives them access to fast and reliable internet. These networks may cover a limited area within the home and provide access for a family’s devices, or it may cover a much larger area such as a business, a school or university, or even a train or plane. With the right installation, a Wireless LAN may extend as far as you need it to. ProLink Communications provides Wireless LAN design and installation services in Nashville, Tennessee, to keep all of your devices connected.

Part of making your Wireless LAN network effective is making sure that there are enough access points and the network can support all of the devices and applications that you are using. Years ago, users relied mainly on one connected device at work and another at home, usually a desktop or laptop computer. Nowadays, most users have at least two devices, usually a laptop and a smartphone, and some users have as many as five or more, a desktop, laptop, smartphone for work, tablet device and personal smartphone. This puts a great deal of pressure on a Wireless LAN both at home and at work, and data needs are only going to increase in the future. Our experts can design a Wireless LAN in Nashville, Tennessee, that supports all of your technology needs, allows devices to communicate easily, is completely secure and will grow with you as needed.

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