Video Network Cabling

Video networks are being implemented now more than ever for many different needs and across a variety of different businesses. Prolink Communications conducts setup and installation in Franklin, TN for video network cabling of all types. Whether you want to install one TV for entertainment purposes, you want to set up several TVs to distribute company messages across the business, or you want to connect security cameras and surveillance, we can help. Our video network cabling, setup, and installation includes everything you need to make a complete video system.

Custom video networks open up a variety of capabilities to your business, including entertainment, security, communications and more.  For Closed Circuit Television, also known as CCTV, real-time surveillance allows you to monitor every activity around your establishment as the activity occurs. Connected to televisions in a surveillance room, security guards can monitor activities and respond as needed. Monitors can also be connected to each other, to a router, or to a cable or Internet system for entertainment purposes or online communication, including video interfacing. Video networks can also be used as displays or presentation guides in conference rooms, lobbies or offices. Our custom video network cabling, setup, and installation in Franklin, TN allow you to select where monitors, cameras, and their connections are installed, creating a clean, uniform appearance and an efficient, effective system.

Add new capabilities to your business and make presentations, entertainment and security easier, more convenient and more continuous. Contact us to arrange video network cabling, setup and installation for your business in Franklin, TN.