Alabama | Wireless Network Data Cabling

Alabama Information Technology and Communications Services

ProLink Communications provides fast, reliable, advanced IT and communication services for businesses across Alabama. With over 20 year of experience in IT and communications, owner Brian Irving oversees installations using the most advanced and up-to-date equipment and supplies. With wireless network data cabling in Alabama including fiber optic installation, server closet installation, network installation, maintenance and repairs, your business will be supported by state-of-the-art equipment.

Data Network, Voice, Audio and Video Cabling in Alabama

Communications, including voice calling, video conferencing, emailing and reliable upload and download speeds are quickly becoming indispensable tools for many businesses. Our experienced team will install complete wireless network data cabling for your business in Alabama to ensure you are ready to grow and expand to meet future needs. With fiber optic installation, every aspect of your system will communicate seamlessly. We will also install and organize server closets to consolidate your data storage and allow you to secure, maintain, repair or expand your data needs whenever necessary.

Fiber Optics, Backbone Systems, Structure Wiring, Cabling Services in Alabama

Fiber optic systems are the fastest method currently available for transmitting data. With fiber optic installation in Alabama, you can ensure that your upload and download speeds are as fast as possible. While copper wiring and other methods can cause slow-downs across the system, fiber optics will ensure data moves quickly. With a fiber optic backbone system and fiber optic connections, every part of your system will operate at optimal speed.

To learn more about wireless network data cabling, fiber optic installation, server closet installation and complete installation for other parts of your system, contact ProLink Communications today.