Best Practices for Handling Fiber Optic Cabling

Fiber optic cabling is a network cable that contains strands of glass fibers inside of the insulated casing. It’s designed to be used for long-distance, high-performance data networking, and telecommunications. Fiber optic cables help support most of the internet, cable television, and phone systems in your business. If you’re working directly with these cables, you should handle them with care because they are fragile. Here are some of the best practices for working with fiber optic cables.

Keep the Ends of Your Cable Protected 

Handling Fiber Optic Cables

Whenever you’re handling fiber optic cable, make sure to leave the protective end-caps on until you’re ready to plug the cable into your system. The caps help protect the most sensitive part of the cable. If contaminants find their way to the glass ends, it can affect and slow down the data that passes through. Plus, leaving the protective caps off opens the opportunity for scratching, pitting, and other damage.

Take Safety Precautions While Handling Cables 

Fiber optic cables can cause tiny splinters in the skin. Since they contain glass shards, you need to take extra precautions while working with them and avoid touching your face. Glass shards can penetrate soft skin and the surface of the eye. While handling cables, wear protective gear such as protective aprons, safety glasses, and gloves. 

Leave Cable in a Safe Space 

Store your fiber optic cables in a safe place until you are ready to use them. It would be best if you also kept all running cable off of the floor to avoid potentially damaging it. The last thing you’d want is for someone to roll over it, or accidentally step on it.

Don’t Pinch the Fiber Cable. 

Although the glass inside of the fiber cable is designed to be flexible, it can still break if it’s not taken care of properly. Since fiber cabling can be an investment for a company, avoid pinching or bending the cable when you are handling it. You can always refer to a professional to get their advice on how to care for your cables the right way.

Fiber Optic System Installation in Tennessee

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