Fiber Optics & Internet Backbone Installation

If you find your system is lagging, you are not certain of the security of your system, applications that used to run quickly are becoming problematic, or new users are having trouble getting the data they need, your system design may be causing the problem. Many businesses maintain servers and devices connected through hardware that is dated and disorganized, causing slow-downs, system errors, shutdowns and even security issues. With technology needs rising faster than ever before, many old devices and cables simply cannot support today’s data needs. Prolink Communications provides fiber optics and network cable installation in Knoxville, Tennessee, using the latest technology and methods, so your system never lags behind.

The devices, applications and products available to businesses now are more extensive than ever. With so many applications in use, that demand high amounts of data, such as Skype, GoToMeeting, or cloud-sharing applications, dated networks simply don’t have the power to transfer data quick enough. The amount of data storage needs is also growing exponentially, as are the number and intensity of security threats. If it is time to update your system, we can help you design a quick, organized, high-quality and agile network in Knoxville, Tennessee, that supports your data, storage and security needs, while also fitting into your time constraints and budget. Our staff of technology experts uses the latest expertise and technology to make your network the best it can be.

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