How to Keep Your Network Cables Organized

A large server cabinet with organized cables

Having an organized system for your cables is not only incredibly helpful, but it is paramount for maintaining a chaos-free environment. There are a few different ways to keep cables organized, but below are the top three ways to ensure that your network cables stay organized!

Label Everything

It’s important to label each cable on both ends! It may seem tedious in the moment, but your future self will thank you! It’s important that your labeling is not only legible, but consistent- that way you and any others who might need to access them can understand them!

Tip: If you don’t want to write on each one, you can always set up a color coordination system. Just make sure to create a key to keep near the cables!

Band Together

Ensuring that your cables are neatly held together is paramount in having an organized cable system. When it comes to banding cables, ditch the rubber band in favor for Velcro loops! They are simple to use and can easily be undone with the addition of any new cables.

Just make sure you don’t sharply bend your cables!

Hire Professionals

When all is said and done, hiring professionals is the best way to go about having an organized, efficient, and safe way of cabling. Professionals can ensure you have a proper server cabinet, complete with an efficient arrangement for your cables.

Let the professionals at ProLink Communications assist with your server cabinet design and assembly. Our server cabinets are highly customizable, and we ensure that we fit not only your business needs, but your budget! We also can account for your future needs and the growth of your IT- meaning that our data cabinets and network racks are expandle so you can add to them!

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