Signs That You Need To Upgrade To Fiber Optic Internet

A man looking at his computer screen that says "Poor Connection" over his video conference.

Fiber optic internet is widely regarded as the top choice. But for some, it’s easier to stay with their current internet. We get it! It can be a hassle to switch over, especially with companies who make you jump through hoops to get out of your contract.

Even still, you may be experiencing issues that you can’t ignore. Below are three top signs you need to upgrade to fiber optic internet.

Inconsistent Connection

Can you browse or stream, but suddenly the connection is dropped? Or in one room you can use the internet just fine, but if you move even a little bit the connection is gone? This can be incredibly frustrating- and it is a sign that it’s time to upgrade.

Your Connection Is Unsafe

With so much work being done online, ensuring your connection is secure is important. However, traditional copper internet is less secure than fiber optic internet– meaning your credit card information, business information, and other sensitive information can fall into the wrong hands.

Lagging in Video Calls or Streaming

In the days of online work, meetings, and conferences, having a strong connection for video calls is imperative. Not only that- but if you’re streaming videos for training, it’s important that you’re able to stream high-quality video! If your streaming or video calls are constantly lagging, pixelated, or dropping, it’s time for a major upgrade.

At the end of the day, you deserve internet that is reliable, safe, and fast. When you are ready to upgrade to fiber optic internet for your business, look no further than the professionals at ProLink Communications. We have been helping Nashville, Tennessee, and the surrounding areas for the last 15 years, with many great reviews to show for it. We also offer other services, such as video network cabling and server closets! To learn more, give us a call at 615-236-0051!