Misconceptions of Fiber Optics

A degitial render depicting fiber optic cable internet with the words "Fiber Optic Technology"

We’ve all heard the adage, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” however, use caution when applying that to technology. As fiber optic internet continues to rise in popularity for its many benefits, there are still stubborn misconceptions about fiber optics causing some hesitancy. Below we’ll go over some of those misconceptions and debunk them.

Fiber Optics Are Too Delicate

Fiber Optic cables are immensely flexible- which is a great benefit but can come with some added fragility. However, much like anything, if you treat it properly, it isn’t an issue.

So, are fiber optics too delicate? No- you just need to handle them properly!

Fiber Optic Internet Is More Expensive Than Traditional Internet

Upfront, fiber optic internet may cost more. However- can you put a price on security and speed? The price difference you pay levels out when you consider the benefits of fiber optics. Plus, over time, fiber optic internet may save you money- since fiber optic internet uses less electricity, it can contribute to an overall lower energy bill!

There’s No Difference Between Traditional Copper and Fiber Optics

There are, in fact, many differences between traditional copper internet and fiber optic internet. To read a comprehensive list, check out our blog on copper versus fiber optics! But for brevity’s sake, fiber optic internet has greater bandwidth, higher security, and is more reliable!

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